Daggers and Dwarves

Out of the black, and into the dusk

The combat has been fierce, and the losses heavy, but the fighting continues. Kel cast a spell to lay a large mist over the middle of combat, which shrouded them all in concealing vapors. She used the mists to cover her side-step, crouching down to search through Kane’s belongings for something of help, specifically more of the handy potions he’d produced earlier. Meanwhile, Xu and the Bugbear continued to trade blows, while Sallar battled with another Goblin. The Goblin Kel had been fighting soon got lost in the mists, and the Kitsune eventually fished out some potions which were divided through the party.

Kane was soon revived, exited the mists, and fired an arrow straight into the back of the chanting Goblin’s head. Though the Goblin lay dead, its work was not, as a red veil remained. He then proceeded to engage against the stray Goblin, while Sallar cut the head off the archer he was facing. Xu was given aid from his faithful dog Frank, who tore into the Bugbear’s heel, allowing the Elf to finish him off with his longsword. Xu and Sallar met up then, and began searching the bodies, believing the threats to be over.

A few feet over, Kel was busy tending to Rokor. She fed him a blue-bottled potion, which did not revive him, and then a red-bottled one, which did. Sallar and Kel ended up finishing the last Goblin themselves, before getting sight of the red mist which the Goblin had summoned into existence. Kane attempted to enter it to check the body of the creature he’d killed, only to be shocked and thrown backwards ten feet.

This turned out fortunate, because moments later, the mist surged through the tunnel mouth ahead of Kane, the one where the Goblins had all presumably come through to get to the cavern. Not all would fit through, however, and the remaining mist for some reason caused a great explosion, the end result of which blocked off the tunnel with tons of rubble.

Having collected themselves together, and gathered what they could of the valuable remains, and left the basement. When Sallar led them to the outside, it was fully dark, with a moon rising above the walls of the fortress. The party was met with four Humans and five Dwarves, one of which Xu and Fancypants intimidated into nearly destroying the whole lot. Sallar stayed to talk with the group, while the others left to camp in the fort.

Xu – One Bugbear
Sallar – Two Goblins
Kane – Goblin Mage

Xu gathered a morningstar, javelin, copper ring, necklace of ears, 5GP, 3SP, and three arrows.

620 XP is rewarded to everyone



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