Daggers and Dwarves

Have a nice trip!

The treasure gathered together, Xu sends his wounded Eidolon on a retreat as he prepares to attack the Goblin who had assaulted his precious companion. Rokor decided to heal the Eidolon while it ran past, as well as giving Xu the benefit of the doubt by giving him some of the gold looted from the closet.
The Goblin was taken down with one of Xu’s arrows, and fell dead. As they regrouped and slowly advanced towards the door the Goblin was guarding, Kane stopped the group on account of noticing the floor up ahead being cracked. The blue Elf tested this theory by desummoning his Eidolon, then summarily summoning a pony just above the floor, to let it crash down and break through the brick, revealing a twenty-foot deep pit.

Kane jumped across quickly enough, but when Xu tried, he unfortunately tripped at the edge of the pit, falling face-first onto the cold stone below, knocking himself out. Kane dove in to rescue the Elf, but found himself landing hard. He managed to stop the bleeding, stabilizing Xu. After some fighting between Kel and Nikkos, the Kitsune threw her rope down, but not before Rokor helpfully knotted the rope with one of his Cleric spells. With Nikkos anchoring the rope against the edge of the pit, Kane was able to pull himself and Xu up to the floor.

After this, Kane crossed once again, as well as Nikkos. Unfortunately, before anyone else could make it over, two Goblins sprang out from behind the door to which the Elf and man had their backs to. Barely avoiding debilitating blows, they turned around and all joined the fray!
Kane opened strong by grabbing his attacker and throwing him backwards into the pit behind him, sending up a wet-sounding splat from down below. Kel is able to finish off the last Goblin, throwing a dagger into the creature’s gut.

Each character gets 105 XP for defeating the Goblins.
Kane gains an additional 30 XP for the lock that he unlocked.
Rokor loses 110 GP from his treasure hoard.
Xu gains 110 GP to his treasure hoard.



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