Daggers and Dwarves

Bedknobs and Bookcases

With the Goblins dead, Xu restored to a bare semblance of health, and the Kitsune almost ready to leave, things had finally began to advance again. When Nikkos searched the body of one of the dead green beasts, she found a potion of healing, which was fed to the other Elf. Restored by the magic, Xu turned himself around from the rest of the party, starting to summon his Eidolon companion to start exploring the area the first Goblin archer had been guarding.

The others, meanwhile, entered the door to find a large room, a fire started on the cobblestones ahead and to their left. Three bookcases lined the walls, mostly bereft of books, likely because they were used for firewood. Xu’s dog lay on the floor nearby the fire, cut and bloodied. Further down the room, was a barred-off section, clearly the jail. Inside were several dead bodies, Human and Dwarven, as well as three Human survivors, one of them being Sallar.

While Kane quickly and unsuccessfully attempted to open the door, Nikkos and Kel retrieved the key from a Goblin in the pit, with Rokor’s help. Returning, the door to the cells was unlocked, and Kel and Rokor helped to administer healing to the three men. Nikkos and Sallar talked for a short time, before questioning began.

Sallar relayed that he’d been tortured, along with the rest, for the past few hours. The Goblins were trying to beat out of him knowledge about ’Solari’s Dawn,’ some kind of gemstone. None of the captured guards knew anything about it. None of them had any knowledge of why the Goblins were interested in this information, other than that ‘Gerrunl’ wanted to know.

Sallar also overheard some of his captors talking about a ‘Summoning,’ and from what they were discussing, believed that they had managed to enter the fortress through tunnels connecting to the basement somehow. Though the party was reluctant to go investigate, they agreed with the promise of more wealth. Sallar and Nikkos also agreed to show them to the storage room, where they could possibly get healed up and find more supplies.

The next hurdle was when the two injured Humans needed help crossing the pit. Fortunately, Rokor, with the help of Kane, managed to drag across one of the bookshelves to allow passage. Deeming it safe to cross, the group got to the other side. After that, they arranged themselves in order, with Nikkos leading the way, and headed towards the storage room. It didn’t take long before they met up with Xu and his Eidolon, who had been waiting for them to round the corner into unexplored territory.

Rokor gained two Silver Pieces, and Kel one, from searching the dead body of a Goblin.
Rokor, Kane, and Kel each gain 50 XP



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