Daggers and Dwarves

Bump in the night

Our intrepid adventurers woke up the next morning to find their ranks diminished to three. They also awoke to being tied up. Upon escaping, Xu, Kel, and Rokor realized that, while all of their gear was intact, their pouches of gold were all missing. The wagon train that had been their company the night previous were gone, tracks leading a clear trail divergent from their path.

The group decided to head off to the town of Lysoria, to perform their task for King Sarthan before chasing down the robbers. A jaunt through the woods ended in a friendly race between the Elf and the Kobold, with each resorting to a few magical tricks to help them gain an edge. When they arrived at the village walls, they were directed to the town hall to speak with Lady Derwyn.

Lady Derwyn wasn’t terribly accepting of the King’s message, and advised them to be on their way as soon as possible. On the way out of town, Rokor looked around for any way he could put his healing powers to task, and was able to help a small group of people who had been attacked by something the day before.

One of the men, seeming quite deranged, begged the Kobold to help him retrieve something of vital importance to his family, made of a metal that fell from the skies ages ago, his grandfather’s pendant. He mentioned an evil in the forest, where his house was, and the three agreed to help him while he recovered back in the town.

The group moved through the forest on the path, and noticed a rather clinging darkness around them. When they had almost made it to the cottage, the Summoner decided to send forth his Eidolon to scout ahead, who found some sort of creature, short and looking quite dead, but which still seemed able to move under its own power. The Eidolon, under Xu’s control, backed out of the cottage carefully, with the creature following slowly behind it.

Meanwhile, the Cleric and Druid were busy wracking their memories for anything they might have heard about a darkness as such. Kel recalled a performance she once attended about heroic tales of the past, which included a tale about a great darkness, defeated by a group of heroes with a weapon known as Daylight’s Kiss.
Rokor, on the other hand, knew things that the others did not about the weapon Kel mentioned to him; that Daylight’s Kiss was a gift from the Gods to the people ages ago, for help fighting against a great monstrosity, and that it had been recovered by pilgrims a few years past.

It was then that the Eidolon and creature came out of the cottage, the creature stopping upon sight of the intruders, before giving a blood-curdling scream.

300XP awarded to all, everyone levels up.

On the Road Again

A page led our group of heroes to the stables in the morning. Rokor was given a pony to ride, while Kel, Xu, and Kane all got horses. Xu’s horse, a mottled brown and white, with a black mane, was named Rocky. Kane’s horse, Gatsby, was black with a white nose, while Kel’s horse was a nice grey color.

The party got on the road, passing through Ironridge City soon enough, and exiting onto the road. By the end of the day, they had left the road for the wilderness, heading to the village of Lysoria. They made camp, then slept. The next morning they went back to traveling.

Soon they were met with a sight on the horizon, approaching them at an angle. Drawing nearer, they met a caravan of 6 wagons and about 18 people, led by the human Elrithrar. Elrithrar inquired if they’d had trouble from dragon attacks, and offered to allow the group to travel with their caravan, which would swing by Lysoria the next day. While traveling, Kane and Xu began talking to Soveer, who was convinced to allow Rokor to heal her arm, which she claimed was injured while repairing a wagon.

At dusk, the caravan made camp, with a fire and good cooking, everyone going to sleep soon afterwards.

The King Awaits

After making a short trip to the temple, where Kane, Kel, and Xu were introduced to Argir Onyxbeard, the High Priest of Shelyn. Rokor inquired about providing some of the more reputable of the poor in Ironridge jobs at his investment. A promise was made to him that questions would be asked and people found.

A messenger then found the group, and led them to Ironridge Castle, where they were to be presented before the King. Before departing them, however, their page reminded them to bow respectfully to the regent, and to treat him with courtesy.
Entering the throne room, they were greeted with a great and majestic scene. A plush red carpet led from the doors to the throne far back in the room, guards lining the first thirty feet. King Sarthan questioned the party on events in Fort Greymoure, then provided them payment of five-hundred gold coins each. After this, he offered more payment if they would carry out a task for him, explaining that several squads of guards had been dispatched to the other fortresses of the Keep, but that a small village outside the border was of special interest to him, despite the fact that a military presence from Ironridge was unwelcome in the area.

The group has been tasked with traveling to the village, to ensure that they had not been destroyed and to warn them of the Goblin threat in the area. They are to be provided horses, and leave on the morrow.

After leaving the King’s presence, Rokor directed the group to the mansion of his investor, where they entered and provided the 1,000 gold that Vek had asked for to fund the Kobold’s idea. A contract was signed by Rokor, Kane, and Xu, as the three had each donated gold towards the funds.

Rokor made a short trip to the temple of Shelyn to donate another hundred gold, and the group spent the rest of their time going about doing their own thing.

Kane gains 333 gold
Kel gains 500 gold
Xu gains 67 gold

Everyone gains 500 XP for completing the Fort Greymoure quest!

As the Halfling Turns

Meeting up for the night, Kel, Kane, and Rokor talked for a little while at the Book and Flask until it was time to turn in for the night. Kel made sure to clue the Elf in before sleeping.
When they woke up in the morning, the casters prepared their spells and meditated, then left to check out the Halfling’s key stall. They arrived early, and while waiting around, the Kobold busied himself buying breakfast for the group.
An hour or two later, after the keysmith came back to his stall, a group of four Dwarves showed up at the Halfling’s business, and began talking. Kane managed to get close enough to overhear, while the others stayed back and watched. Words were said, the key was given, and a payment received. When the Dwarves left, Kane and Rokor confronted the Halfling, who was glad that they had not caused trouble. Rokor also healed the man’s broken arm, giving cause for even more gratitude.

The session ended out with the cleric asking for support in his venture to open a world-wide bank, eventually able to access funds in one keep when deposited in another. Kane and Kel agreed to help, while Xu remained silent on the subject for the time. They left to head to the Temple of Shelyn, on a task which Rokor remained elusive to.

Rokor spent 12 copper pieces, and everyone gained 50 XP

One fish, two fish, red fish, gold fish

The heroes made camp for the night, hunting and cooking up food, while Xu fished in the small brook, grabbing himself several fish with strange, golden-like scales. All the scales were saved. A little bit of talking around the fire, and everyone slept for the night.

The next few days went quickly. Near the end of the fourth day, they came to an inn, but were not allowed to stay in it due to the reputation which Xu and his Eidolon had acquired. Instead sleeping near a field, they were expected to make it to Ironridge Castle the next day, but were hampered by Kane’s unusual desire to stay awake all night. This pushed them to make camp a few hours out from the castle, and they made it the next morning by mid-morning.

Sallar and Norlin left the group then, after showing them to an inn, The Book and Flask. Kane paid for their rooms, and then most of the group set out for some adventure around the town.

Kel sold her wooden shield and shortsword, gaining her 7 gold and 5 silver.
Kane sold his buckler, spear, and shortsword for 8 gold, which managed to cover the expenses of boarding in the inn for the night.

Xu buys a magical knife which glows with light at the command word ‘light,’ a necklace with symbols on it, four potions of cure light wounds, and a hawk named Sara.
He sold the javelin, Morningstar, and magical scroll, and came with a total profit of 18 gold. He then bought a set of thieves tools for 28 gold.

Kane sold his cloak and shortbow, making 18 gold off the sales. He also bought a composite longbow with a strength rating of 1, giving the bow +1 to damage for characters with a strength modifier of at least +1; this bow cost him 200 gold.
Kane also stole a Ring of Feather Falling from poor Oliver the shopkeeper.

Gili, the Dwarven owner of Gili’s Magical Mystiques, has explained to Kane that her prices are so high due to her ingredient shipments turning up missing when shipped overseas, perhaps due to pirates. Korbak, the Dwarven blacksmith who sells some enchanted weaponry, has informed Xu that he may be willing to part with a special sword imbued with the God’s fire, if only he could help the Dwarf repair the blade.
Xu also was given a package by Oliver, who instructed him to leave it in a bush by a small fountain near the castle wall. Xu, being the curious Elf that he is, opened the package and managed to unlock the chest that he was delivering with his new lockpicks. Inside were four small clear glass vials, with black liquid. Xu tasted some to find out what they were, and immediately felt weaker, taking 4 constitution damage.
Xu placed the package where it belonged after that, sticking around to see who picked it up. After two meals and three hours of waiting, a short Dwarf came, all nervous, to pick it up. The Elf followed him back to the castle gates, where a complicated series of magical events caused him to run away from the guards who began searching the streets. Xu spent seven silver and one gold on meals, both for himself and for Frank, as well as spending time trying to train Sara.

After their shopping trip, Kane and the Kitsune travel for a distance back towards the inn, but stop when they spy a Halfling with an arm in a sling, who was attempting to craft something from a block of clay at the moment. Talking with him, they learn that he is a keysmith, tasked with finishing a key for the Grilmar family, who he described as being the head of crime in Ironridge. They were the ones responsible for breaking his arm in the first place, and might do it again if he didn’t finish the key on time. Deciding to be the good Samaritans, Kane and Kel took the three finished keys to the Halfling’s other customers. In thanks, he gave them each fifteen gold, as well as a specially crafted key which was designed to fit multiple locks.
The two also split a trail ration during their march. Before arriving at their last destination, two young Dwarven kids, being chased by three Keep guards, bumped into the pair; they picked themselves up and still managed to avoid being caught at that point, however.
Kane promised to return the following morning, when the representatives of the Grilmar Family would come to pick up the newly crafted key.

Rokor spends the day out in the town, first stopping by the temple of Shelyn to partake in a small meal, as well as donate fifty of his gold pieces to the priests. He makes a short stop at both Oliver’s and Gili’s shops, before returning to the Book and Flask to eat his evening meal and wait for Kel to return.

Everyone gains 200 RP XP
Kel, Kain, and Rokor gain 50 extra RP XP

He's a cheetah

The day broke early, and the group awoke, prepared spells and meditated, then was gathered together by Sallar and the Dwarf magician, Norlin. Sallar explained how other defenders of Fort Greymoure were rescued during the night, and went on to inform them of the treasure that they had collected for the party to divide among themselves.

Leading them into the barracks, the group quickly grabs up several items and some gold, before Sallar informs them that he and Norlin would be traveling with them to Ironridge. Telling them to fill their waterskins and eat a breakfast, he waited for them at the gate of the fortress. After Rokor and Xu stopped for a munch on some bugs, followed by the Elf throwing them right back up, the adventurers set off towards Ironridge.

The party passed by a lake, then into some gently rolling grassland hills, trees dotting the landscape here and there. They stopped at midday to eat, and continued on. In the late evening, the group halted for a moment when a growl was heard. Xu instructed his Eidolon to scout out up ahead, while the others cast some spells to prepare.

A few moments later, a cheetah sprinted out of a tree and barreled right up to Kane, swiping at him with his paws and knocking him backwards. Kel immediately attempted to calm the creature with her druidic abilities, her wild empathy working in overdrive. Before anything else could be done, the cheetah swung its mighty clawed paws at poor Kane again, knocking him out.

Sallar rushed to assist, attempting to stabilize him but failing, actually hurting Kane a little bit due to his inexperience. Rokor stepped in to cast a spell, closing Kane’s open wounds and stabilizing him, fortunately. Xu moved closer, yelling and roaring, attempting to scare the cheetah off. This, in combination with Kel’s empathy, proves enough to make the cheetah back down and run off, after a few moments.

Rokor cast a spell on Kane, who had been awoken by Sallar feeding him a potion, which allowed him to move about. He downed a potion to heal himself further, and the Kobold cast another spell which fully healed the man. The group went on their way, and finally stopped to prepare camp.

Loot –
Rokor: 7GP, 1SP, 3CP, Shortbow
Kel: Ring with red gemstone, Tigereye gem, 6GP, 1SP, 3CP, +1 Quarterstaff, pearl
Xu: 6GP, 1SP, 3CP, Scroll of Summon Monster III
Kane: Reversible Cloak, 15GP, Buckler, Spear, shortsword

Everyone grabs 150 XP
Kane loses ten arrows, Rokor gains ten arrows

Out of the black, and into the dusk

The combat has been fierce, and the losses heavy, but the fighting continues. Kel cast a spell to lay a large mist over the middle of combat, which shrouded them all in concealing vapors. She used the mists to cover her side-step, crouching down to search through Kane’s belongings for something of help, specifically more of the handy potions he’d produced earlier. Meanwhile, Xu and the Bugbear continued to trade blows, while Sallar battled with another Goblin. The Goblin Kel had been fighting soon got lost in the mists, and the Kitsune eventually fished out some potions which were divided through the party.

Kane was soon revived, exited the mists, and fired an arrow straight into the back of the chanting Goblin’s head. Though the Goblin lay dead, its work was not, as a red veil remained. He then proceeded to engage against the stray Goblin, while Sallar cut the head off the archer he was facing. Xu was given aid from his faithful dog Frank, who tore into the Bugbear’s heel, allowing the Elf to finish him off with his longsword. Xu and Sallar met up then, and began searching the bodies, believing the threats to be over.

A few feet over, Kel was busy tending to Rokor. She fed him a blue-bottled potion, which did not revive him, and then a red-bottled one, which did. Sallar and Kel ended up finishing the last Goblin themselves, before getting sight of the red mist which the Goblin had summoned into existence. Kane attempted to enter it to check the body of the creature he’d killed, only to be shocked and thrown backwards ten feet.

This turned out fortunate, because moments later, the mist surged through the tunnel mouth ahead of Kane, the one where the Goblins had all presumably come through to get to the cavern. Not all would fit through, however, and the remaining mist for some reason caused a great explosion, the end result of which blocked off the tunnel with tons of rubble.

Having collected themselves together, and gathered what they could of the valuable remains, and left the basement. When Sallar led them to the outside, it was fully dark, with a moon rising above the walls of the fortress. The party was met with four Humans and five Dwarves, one of which Xu and Fancypants intimidated into nearly destroying the whole lot. Sallar stayed to talk with the group, while the others left to camp in the fort.

Xu – One Bugbear
Sallar – Two Goblins
Kane – Goblin Mage

Xu gathered a morningstar, javelin, copper ring, necklace of ears, 5GP, 3SP, and three arrows.

620 XP is rewarded to everyone

Falling, the reprise!

The party came together at the corner, and Xu happily reunited with his doggy, Frank. Deciding to set off down the corridor in search of the room with supplies. Xu, Mr. Fancypants, and Frank Sinatra took the lead. Unfortunately, in their haste, and leaving Kane behind, the trio stumbled into yet another pit trap, resulting in Xu and Frank falling into the pit. Kane was sent on ahead to search the storeroom, where he found several potions which he brought back to the group. One was given to Frank, another to Xu. Both were revived, and everyone managed to get across the pit.

The end of the hall being blocked off by rubble, the group piled into the small storeroom. In the back, a hole had been cut through the wall, leading into the tunnels which the Goblins likely had entered. Again taking lead, Xu ran through the hole, activating another trap which sent arrows into his body. He fell unconscious once more. Fortunately for him, Kane gave him another two potions to restore his health. Deciding that discretion was the better part of Valor, the Elf elected to have his compatriot Elf lead the way this time, after Sallar donned his gear which was stored in the room.

This went fine, until she accidentally activated an arrow trap herself, shooting her frail body full of holes. She slumped and fell, dead. Xu and Kane retrieved some arrows from her pack, unscrupulously looting the body, while Kel searched her for anything else of value. While they were stopped, however, they started to hear the sounds of chanting coming from up ahead, and the faint glimmer of light from the same direction. Rounding the bend, the party was greeted with an immense sight. A huge cavern lay before them, wide and deep. Towards the back wall, perhaps a hundred feet or more away, stood a Goblin in ornate flowing robes, a circle of light ringing his head. He was the one chanting, facing away from the adventurers. Just beyond they could barely spot the mouth of a similar tunnel, leading deeper into more caves it would be presumed.

Arrayed facing the chanting Goblin, were four other Goblins and a Bugbear, all staring at the creature, as though waiting. Xu had stopped in the tunnels to summon his Eidolon, but Kane wished to rush ahead in order to take out the bugbear quickly. Unfortunately his movements alerted the large Goblinoid to his presence, and he quickly ordered the others into battle, save the chanting one.

The fight which ensued was quick but bloody. At the end of the session, Kel had stabbed one of the Goblins to death with her dagger while it was picking itself up off the floor, and Sallar had cleaved the second Goblin caster in half in one swift blow. The Bugbear took an arrow to the nose from Kane, before he clubbed the man into the ground with his morningstar. Rokor too met the same fate, though not before throwing a few hammer swings towards the hulking monstrosity. Xu came to combat the beast as well, firing his own arrow at the Bugbear before attracting its attention.

Kel, Xu, and Sallar are the only members of the party still standing, and Rokor has yet to stabilize at -3HP.

The kill count for the session stands as such:
Kel – One Goblin
Sallar – One Goblin

Kane and Xu’s arrows were replenished, and their character sheets have been altered to reflect this. Kane gained a net of three potions of cure light wounds, and a potion of bull strength, which has also been added to the character sheet. XP will be handed out later.

Bedknobs and Bookcases

With the Goblins dead, Xu restored to a bare semblance of health, and the Kitsune almost ready to leave, things had finally began to advance again. When Nikkos searched the body of one of the dead green beasts, she found a potion of healing, which was fed to the other Elf. Restored by the magic, Xu turned himself around from the rest of the party, starting to summon his Eidolon companion to start exploring the area the first Goblin archer had been guarding.

The others, meanwhile, entered the door to find a large room, a fire started on the cobblestones ahead and to their left. Three bookcases lined the walls, mostly bereft of books, likely because they were used for firewood. Xu’s dog lay on the floor nearby the fire, cut and bloodied. Further down the room, was a barred-off section, clearly the jail. Inside were several dead bodies, Human and Dwarven, as well as three Human survivors, one of them being Sallar.

While Kane quickly and unsuccessfully attempted to open the door, Nikkos and Kel retrieved the key from a Goblin in the pit, with Rokor’s help. Returning, the door to the cells was unlocked, and Kel and Rokor helped to administer healing to the three men. Nikkos and Sallar talked for a short time, before questioning began.

Sallar relayed that he’d been tortured, along with the rest, for the past few hours. The Goblins were trying to beat out of him knowledge about ’Solari’s Dawn,’ some kind of gemstone. None of the captured guards knew anything about it. None of them had any knowledge of why the Goblins were interested in this information, other than that ‘Gerrunl’ wanted to know.

Sallar also overheard some of his captors talking about a ‘Summoning,’ and from what they were discussing, believed that they had managed to enter the fortress through tunnels connecting to the basement somehow. Though the party was reluctant to go investigate, they agreed with the promise of more wealth. Sallar and Nikkos also agreed to show them to the storage room, where they could possibly get healed up and find more supplies.

The next hurdle was when the two injured Humans needed help crossing the pit. Fortunately, Rokor, with the help of Kane, managed to drag across one of the bookshelves to allow passage. Deeming it safe to cross, the group got to the other side. After that, they arranged themselves in order, with Nikkos leading the way, and headed towards the storage room. It didn’t take long before they met up with Xu and his Eidolon, who had been waiting for them to round the corner into unexplored territory.

Rokor gained two Silver Pieces, and Kel one, from searching the dead body of a Goblin.
Rokor, Kane, and Kel each gain 50 XP

Have a nice trip!

The treasure gathered together, Xu sends his wounded Eidolon on a retreat as he prepares to attack the Goblin who had assaulted his precious companion. Rokor decided to heal the Eidolon while it ran past, as well as giving Xu the benefit of the doubt by giving him some of the gold looted from the closet.
The Goblin was taken down with one of Xu’s arrows, and fell dead. As they regrouped and slowly advanced towards the door the Goblin was guarding, Kane stopped the group on account of noticing the floor up ahead being cracked. The blue Elf tested this theory by desummoning his Eidolon, then summarily summoning a pony just above the floor, to let it crash down and break through the brick, revealing a twenty-foot deep pit.

Kane jumped across quickly enough, but when Xu tried, he unfortunately tripped at the edge of the pit, falling face-first onto the cold stone below, knocking himself out. Kane dove in to rescue the Elf, but found himself landing hard. He managed to stop the bleeding, stabilizing Xu. After some fighting between Kel and Nikkos, the Kitsune threw her rope down, but not before Rokor helpfully knotted the rope with one of his Cleric spells. With Nikkos anchoring the rope against the edge of the pit, Kane was able to pull himself and Xu up to the floor.

After this, Kane crossed once again, as well as Nikkos. Unfortunately, before anyone else could make it over, two Goblins sprang out from behind the door to which the Elf and man had their backs to. Barely avoiding debilitating blows, they turned around and all joined the fray!
Kane opened strong by grabbing his attacker and throwing him backwards into the pit behind him, sending up a wet-sounding splat from down below. Kel is able to finish off the last Goblin, throwing a dagger into the creature’s gut.

Each character gets 105 XP for defeating the Goblins.
Kane gains an additional 30 XP for the lock that he unlocked.
Rokor loses 110 GP from his treasure hoard.
Xu gains 110 GP to his treasure hoard.


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