Daggers and Dwarves

Down in the deep darkety

We last left off our story during intense combat. Kel begins by throwing one of her daggers at the archer, which connects but only wounds him. The Eidolon finishes off the Goblin, and reveals to Xu the existence of another passageway. The group instead decides to backtrack, and opens up a door heading to their left. Up this corridor is another Goblin archer, who goes down quickly enough to the dragon apparition once more.

Taking another left, they come across a heavily locked door. After spending a few minutes attempting to unlock it, Kane was finally successful, opening the door and allowing Rokor to take a look. Inside was a vast amount of treasure, which would have been split up evenly between those present then and there, but for the fact that the Eidolon and his Elf familiar turned a corner, to be shot at by yet another Goblin.

Instead, the loot was divided up as thus:
Kane – 134 GP
Kel – 58 GP, several small gems and a sword
Rokor – 237 GP

The kill total for the session stands at:
Eidolon – 2

Knock Knock

Our adventurers now at the entrance to the basement of Fort Greymoure, they quickly convince Nikkos to accompany them inside, instead of staying in the fort to draw off more Goblins. This is mostly because of her newfound distrust of Xu, who informed her of his attack upon Sallar.

The blue Elf took the initiative by knocking on the door at the far end of the entrance hall. Most were appalled at this, however, because it alerted the Goblins to Xu’s presence. Because of his familiarity with the Goblin language, he manages to bluff his way through the door. Unfortunately, the three Goblins behind it were waiting, weapons drawn, expecting a horde of Human attackers chasing a few Goblins.

In the ensuing battle, a few injuries were given and taken, but two Goblins were killed by the dragon-Eidolon, and another by Nikkos. Opening the next door and continuing, they find that the rest of the area is in darkness. No torches are in the corridor ahead of them. After moving a few feet, passing by a door, the group comes under fire. Kel casts Dancing lights, to illuminate the area around her. A mental command later, and the dancing lights moved to show a single Goblin archer. Xu ordered his companion to charge it, and the green dragon made it right up to the Goblin.

Kills for the session stood at Eidolon: 2; Nikkos: 1

XP –
Xu – 115
Rokor – 125
Kel – 135
Kane – 105

Baker's Dozen

Hacking and slashing, Xu, his Eidolon companion, and Nikkos start off the next portion of our story fighting a retreating battle against twelve Goblins chasing after them. While they engaged, Kane stayed in the stairwell, waiting for his friends to return. Meanwhile, Rokor and Kel made their way back to the building they first escaped upon waking up, with the intent to set something on fire, eventually succeeding. The two began discussing walking out and leaving, but before they were able to, Nikkos found them and drew them back to help with the last few Goblins.

The Goblins defeated, the group moved back to meet up with Kane at the stairwell. Having grown tired of waiting, Kane managed to unlock the door which was at the bottom of the stairs, and, through mostly luck, slew the lone Goblin archer at the end of the hall. As he finished and began to check for loot, his companions arrived at the top of the stairs.

With the end of the third session, the kills made were:

Xu: 4 Goblins
Eidolon: 5 Goblins
Nikkos: 3 Goblins
Kane: 1 Goblin

XP handed out for the session:

Xu: 315
Kane: 155
Rokor: 65
Kel: 65

Please remember to update your XP on your character sheets. I am not responsible for keeping track of when you level. Also, you will need to place any treasure that you find on your own sheets.

The Adventure Begins...

It is the dawn of the Sixth Age, and new opportunities await. Our heroes begin our story traveling on the road to Ironridge, for various reasons. Rokor and Kel, the Kobold and Kitsune duo, travel down the road sharing tails of their adventures previous, while on a second road, Kane travels in silence. Xu, ever the impulsive Elf, runs to catch up with Kane, attempting to start a conversation.

This is soon interrupted, however, by the sights and sounds of battle. Down the road, at a three-way fork, there is a large shape surrounded by several other, smaller shapes. Rokor takes to the tall grass around him, remaining hidden while the others move forward. Kel approaches cautiously, readying her sling, while Kane and Xu charge ahead, apparently eager for battle. Both stopping within bow range of the fracas, Xu also sends ahead his guard dog and Eidolon companion, a special outsider to whom he has formed an attachment to. The two charge into battle, the dog engaging some of the smaller Goblin figures, while the dragon-like Eidolon maneuvered in an attempt to strike at the tall man in armor. By now, the others have begun their attacks. Xu and Kane both loose arrows, while Kel fires from her sling. The dragon-wraith makes it to a clear line of attack, and bites deeply into the armored man’s shoulder. The others in the party show clear signs of dismay, as he appears to be attacking the defender.

In the ensuing conflict, the Eidolon manages to take down his armored adversary, before he himself is taken down by an opportunistic Goblin capitalizing on a discovered weak spot of the creature’s armor. A Goblin falls, almost dead, only to be revived by Rokor’s channeling of energy, which he uses to keep Kel alive while engaged with three different Goblins. Before this, however, he tosses his coin pouch, attempting to divert some of the Goblins by shouting at them his action. It had limited success; a single Goblin chased after the pouch, but so did Xu.

This soon led to a conflict between the creature and the Elf. Two more Goblins, chasing after Xu’s retreating dog, join the fray, and he is now hard-pressed to defend himself. Kane finishes off the Goblin he already killed once, and moves to try and help. Meanwhile, Rokor and Kel manage to defeat another of their short attackers, and Rokor breaks off to give Xu a hand. After a few more seconds, they achieve victory, though the Elf is badly wounded.

Grabbing Rokor’s money pouch off the ground, Xu races past the Kobold, attempting to rush to the armored man that his Eidolon had attacked before it was dispelled. On his way past, though, Rokor swings his hammer at Xu, knocking him to the ground, almost unconscious. Retrieving his money pouch, he then proceeded to heal both Xu and the man.

What followed was a short recess where the man explained what had happened. He had been set upon by the Goblins, being chased for hours before finally being caught. A soldier stationed at nearby Fort Greymoure, a mass of Goblins and Goblinoids had boiled out of the basement of the fort without warning, no indication given of how they got there. With the promise of a reward from the King of Ironridge, and a plea for help in locating any remaining companions in the fort, Sallar convinced all but the Elf to follow after him on his quest.

Starting to walk away, Kane, in what can only be described as an odd act, drew his bow and fired at Xu’s dog, seriously wounding it and knocking it out. Furious, Xu turned and loosed his own arrow back at Kane. A short duel followed, which ended with Xu knocked out by Kel and Sallar, and Kane starting to walk away.

When it is all said and done, Xu had killed two Goblins, Kel one, Rokor two, and Kane killed a single Goblin, however he did so twice. Kane also incapacitated the dog before it was healed by a potion fed to it by Kel.

Surely, this has been a rocky start to our story’s beginnings.
204 XP is awarded to each character for this session!

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