Daggers and Dwarves

The King Awaits

After making a short trip to the temple, where Kane, Kel, and Xu were introduced to Argir Onyxbeard, the High Priest of Shelyn. Rokor inquired about providing some of the more reputable of the poor in Ironridge jobs at his investment. A promise was made to him that questions would be asked and people found.

A messenger then found the group, and led them to Ironridge Castle, where they were to be presented before the King. Before departing them, however, their page reminded them to bow respectfully to the regent, and to treat him with courtesy.
Entering the throne room, they were greeted with a great and majestic scene. A plush red carpet led from the doors to the throne far back in the room, guards lining the first thirty feet. King Sarthan questioned the party on events in Fort Greymoure, then provided them payment of five-hundred gold coins each. After this, he offered more payment if they would carry out a task for him, explaining that several squads of guards had been dispatched to the other fortresses of the Keep, but that a small village outside the border was of special interest to him, despite the fact that a military presence from Ironridge was unwelcome in the area.

The group has been tasked with traveling to the village, to ensure that they had not been destroyed and to warn them of the Goblin threat in the area. They are to be provided horses, and leave on the morrow.

After leaving the King’s presence, Rokor directed the group to the mansion of his investor, where they entered and provided the 1,000 gold that Vek had asked for to fund the Kobold’s idea. A contract was signed by Rokor, Kane, and Xu, as the three had each donated gold towards the funds.

Rokor made a short trip to the temple of Shelyn to donate another hundred gold, and the group spent the rest of their time going about doing their own thing.

Kane gains 333 gold
Kel gains 500 gold
Xu gains 67 gold

Everyone gains 500 XP for completing the Fort Greymoure quest!


Note to self— XP added to here.

The King Awaits

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