Daggers and Dwarves

One fish, two fish, red fish, gold fish

The heroes made camp for the night, hunting and cooking up food, while Xu fished in the small brook, grabbing himself several fish with strange, golden-like scales. All the scales were saved. A little bit of talking around the fire, and everyone slept for the night.

The next few days went quickly. Near the end of the fourth day, they came to an inn, but were not allowed to stay in it due to the reputation which Xu and his Eidolon had acquired. Instead sleeping near a field, they were expected to make it to Ironridge Castle the next day, but were hampered by Kane’s unusual desire to stay awake all night. This pushed them to make camp a few hours out from the castle, and they made it the next morning by mid-morning.

Sallar and Norlin left the group then, after showing them to an inn, The Book and Flask. Kane paid for their rooms, and then most of the group set out for some adventure around the town.

Kel sold her wooden shield and shortsword, gaining her 7 gold and 5 silver.
Kane sold his buckler, spear, and shortsword for 8 gold, which managed to cover the expenses of boarding in the inn for the night.

Xu buys a magical knife which glows with light at the command word ‘light,’ a necklace with symbols on it, four potions of cure light wounds, and a hawk named Sara.
He sold the javelin, Morningstar, and magical scroll, and came with a total profit of 18 gold. He then bought a set of thieves tools for 28 gold.

Kane sold his cloak and shortbow, making 18 gold off the sales. He also bought a composite longbow with a strength rating of 1, giving the bow +1 to damage for characters with a strength modifier of at least +1; this bow cost him 200 gold.
Kane also stole a Ring of Feather Falling from poor Oliver the shopkeeper.

Gili, the Dwarven owner of Gili’s Magical Mystiques, has explained to Kane that her prices are so high due to her ingredient shipments turning up missing when shipped overseas, perhaps due to pirates. Korbak, the Dwarven blacksmith who sells some enchanted weaponry, has informed Xu that he may be willing to part with a special sword imbued with the God’s fire, if only he could help the Dwarf repair the blade.
Xu also was given a package by Oliver, who instructed him to leave it in a bush by a small fountain near the castle wall. Xu, being the curious Elf that he is, opened the package and managed to unlock the chest that he was delivering with his new lockpicks. Inside were four small clear glass vials, with black liquid. Xu tasted some to find out what they were, and immediately felt weaker, taking 4 constitution damage.
Xu placed the package where it belonged after that, sticking around to see who picked it up. After two meals and three hours of waiting, a short Dwarf came, all nervous, to pick it up. The Elf followed him back to the castle gates, where a complicated series of magical events caused him to run away from the guards who began searching the streets. Xu spent seven silver and one gold on meals, both for himself and for Frank, as well as spending time trying to train Sara.

After their shopping trip, Kane and the Kitsune travel for a distance back towards the inn, but stop when they spy a Halfling with an arm in a sling, who was attempting to craft something from a block of clay at the moment. Talking with him, they learn that he is a keysmith, tasked with finishing a key for the Grilmar family, who he described as being the head of crime in Ironridge. They were the ones responsible for breaking his arm in the first place, and might do it again if he didn’t finish the key on time. Deciding to be the good Samaritans, Kane and Kel took the three finished keys to the Halfling’s other customers. In thanks, he gave them each fifteen gold, as well as a specially crafted key which was designed to fit multiple locks.
The two also split a trail ration during their march. Before arriving at their last destination, two young Dwarven kids, being chased by three Keep guards, bumped into the pair; they picked themselves up and still managed to avoid being caught at that point, however.
Kane promised to return the following morning, when the representatives of the Grilmar Family would come to pick up the newly crafted key.

Rokor spends the day out in the town, first stopping by the temple of Shelyn to partake in a small meal, as well as donate fifty of his gold pieces to the priests. He makes a short stop at both Oliver’s and Gili’s shops, before returning to the Book and Flask to eat his evening meal and wait for Kel to return.

Everyone gains 200 RP XP
Kel, Kain, and Rokor gain 50 extra RP XP



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