Daggers and Dwarves

On the Road Again

A page led our group of heroes to the stables in the morning. Rokor was given a pony to ride, while Kel, Xu, and Kane all got horses. Xu’s horse, a mottled brown and white, with a black mane, was named Rocky. Kane’s horse, Gatsby, was black with a white nose, while Kel’s horse was a nice grey color.

The party got on the road, passing through Ironridge City soon enough, and exiting onto the road. By the end of the day, they had left the road for the wilderness, heading to the village of Lysoria. They made camp, then slept. The next morning they went back to traveling.

Soon they were met with a sight on the horizon, approaching them at an angle. Drawing nearer, they met a caravan of 6 wagons and about 18 people, led by the human Elrithrar. Elrithrar inquired if they’d had trouble from dragon attacks, and offered to allow the group to travel with their caravan, which would swing by Lysoria the next day. While traveling, Kane and Xu began talking to Soveer, who was convinced to allow Rokor to heal her arm, which she claimed was injured while repairing a wagon.

At dusk, the caravan made camp, with a fire and good cooking, everyone going to sleep soon afterwards.



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