Daggers and Dwarves

He's a cheetah

The day broke early, and the group awoke, prepared spells and meditated, then was gathered together by Sallar and the Dwarf magician, Norlin. Sallar explained how other defenders of Fort Greymoure were rescued during the night, and went on to inform them of the treasure that they had collected for the party to divide among themselves.

Leading them into the barracks, the group quickly grabs up several items and some gold, before Sallar informs them that he and Norlin would be traveling with them to Ironridge. Telling them to fill their waterskins and eat a breakfast, he waited for them at the gate of the fortress. After Rokor and Xu stopped for a munch on some bugs, followed by the Elf throwing them right back up, the adventurers set off towards Ironridge.

The party passed by a lake, then into some gently rolling grassland hills, trees dotting the landscape here and there. They stopped at midday to eat, and continued on. In the late evening, the group halted for a moment when a growl was heard. Xu instructed his Eidolon to scout out up ahead, while the others cast some spells to prepare.

A few moments later, a cheetah sprinted out of a tree and barreled right up to Kane, swiping at him with his paws and knocking him backwards. Kel immediately attempted to calm the creature with her druidic abilities, her wild empathy working in overdrive. Before anything else could be done, the cheetah swung its mighty clawed paws at poor Kane again, knocking him out.

Sallar rushed to assist, attempting to stabilize him but failing, actually hurting Kane a little bit due to his inexperience. Rokor stepped in to cast a spell, closing Kane’s open wounds and stabilizing him, fortunately. Xu moved closer, yelling and roaring, attempting to scare the cheetah off. This, in combination with Kel’s empathy, proves enough to make the cheetah back down and run off, after a few moments.

Rokor cast a spell on Kane, who had been awoken by Sallar feeding him a potion, which allowed him to move about. He downed a potion to heal himself further, and the Kobold cast another spell which fully healed the man. The group went on their way, and finally stopped to prepare camp.

Loot –
Rokor: 7GP, 1SP, 3CP, Shortbow
Kel: Ring with red gemstone, Tigereye gem, 6GP, 1SP, 3CP, +1 Quarterstaff, pearl
Xu: 6GP, 1SP, 3CP, Scroll of Summon Monster III
Kane: Reversible Cloak, 15GP, Buckler, Spear, shortsword

Everyone grabs 150 XP
Kane loses ten arrows, Rokor gains ten arrows



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