Daggers and Dwarves

Falling, the reprise!

The party came together at the corner, and Xu happily reunited with his doggy, Frank. Deciding to set off down the corridor in search of the room with supplies. Xu, Mr. Fancypants, and Frank Sinatra took the lead. Unfortunately, in their haste, and leaving Kane behind, the trio stumbled into yet another pit trap, resulting in Xu and Frank falling into the pit. Kane was sent on ahead to search the storeroom, where he found several potions which he brought back to the group. One was given to Frank, another to Xu. Both were revived, and everyone managed to get across the pit.

The end of the hall being blocked off by rubble, the group piled into the small storeroom. In the back, a hole had been cut through the wall, leading into the tunnels which the Goblins likely had entered. Again taking lead, Xu ran through the hole, activating another trap which sent arrows into his body. He fell unconscious once more. Fortunately for him, Kane gave him another two potions to restore his health. Deciding that discretion was the better part of Valor, the Elf elected to have his compatriot Elf lead the way this time, after Sallar donned his gear which was stored in the room.

This went fine, until she accidentally activated an arrow trap herself, shooting her frail body full of holes. She slumped and fell, dead. Xu and Kane retrieved some arrows from her pack, unscrupulously looting the body, while Kel searched her for anything else of value. While they were stopped, however, they started to hear the sounds of chanting coming from up ahead, and the faint glimmer of light from the same direction. Rounding the bend, the party was greeted with an immense sight. A huge cavern lay before them, wide and deep. Towards the back wall, perhaps a hundred feet or more away, stood a Goblin in ornate flowing robes, a circle of light ringing his head. He was the one chanting, facing away from the adventurers. Just beyond they could barely spot the mouth of a similar tunnel, leading deeper into more caves it would be presumed.

Arrayed facing the chanting Goblin, were four other Goblins and a Bugbear, all staring at the creature, as though waiting. Xu had stopped in the tunnels to summon his Eidolon, but Kane wished to rush ahead in order to take out the bugbear quickly. Unfortunately his movements alerted the large Goblinoid to his presence, and he quickly ordered the others into battle, save the chanting one.

The fight which ensued was quick but bloody. At the end of the session, Kel had stabbed one of the Goblins to death with her dagger while it was picking itself up off the floor, and Sallar had cleaved the second Goblin caster in half in one swift blow. The Bugbear took an arrow to the nose from Kane, before he clubbed the man into the ground with his morningstar. Rokor too met the same fate, though not before throwing a few hammer swings towards the hulking monstrosity. Xu came to combat the beast as well, firing his own arrow at the Bugbear before attracting its attention.

Kel, Xu, and Sallar are the only members of the party still standing, and Rokor has yet to stabilize at -3HP.

The kill count for the session stands as such:
Kel – One Goblin
Sallar – One Goblin

Kane and Xu’s arrows were replenished, and their character sheets have been altered to reflect this. Kane gained a net of three potions of cure light wounds, and a potion of bull strength, which has also been added to the character sheet. XP will be handed out later.



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