Daggers and Dwarves

Bump in the night

Our intrepid adventurers woke up the next morning to find their ranks diminished to three. They also awoke to being tied up. Upon escaping, Xu, Kel, and Rokor realized that, while all of their gear was intact, their pouches of gold were all missing. The wagon train that had been their company the night previous were gone, tracks leading a clear trail divergent from their path.

The group decided to head off to the town of Lysoria, to perform their task for King Sarthan before chasing down the robbers. A jaunt through the woods ended in a friendly race between the Elf and the Kobold, with each resorting to a few magical tricks to help them gain an edge. When they arrived at the village walls, they were directed to the town hall to speak with Lady Derwyn.

Lady Derwyn wasn’t terribly accepting of the King’s message, and advised them to be on their way as soon as possible. On the way out of town, Rokor looked around for any way he could put his healing powers to task, and was able to help a small group of people who had been attacked by something the day before.

One of the men, seeming quite deranged, begged the Kobold to help him retrieve something of vital importance to his family, made of a metal that fell from the skies ages ago, his grandfather’s pendant. He mentioned an evil in the forest, where his house was, and the three agreed to help him while he recovered back in the town.

The group moved through the forest on the path, and noticed a rather clinging darkness around them. When they had almost made it to the cottage, the Summoner decided to send forth his Eidolon to scout ahead, who found some sort of creature, short and looking quite dead, but which still seemed able to move under its own power. The Eidolon, under Xu’s control, backed out of the cottage carefully, with the creature following slowly behind it.

Meanwhile, the Cleric and Druid were busy wracking their memories for anything they might have heard about a darkness as such. Kel recalled a performance she once attended about heroic tales of the past, which included a tale about a great darkness, defeated by a group of heroes with a weapon known as Daylight’s Kiss.
Rokor, on the other hand, knew things that the others did not about the weapon Kel mentioned to him; that Daylight’s Kiss was a gift from the Gods to the people ages ago, for help fighting against a great monstrosity, and that it had been recovered by pilgrims a few years past.

It was then that the Eidolon and creature came out of the cottage, the creature stopping upon sight of the intruders, before giving a blood-curdling scream.

300XP awarded to all, everyone levels up.



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