Daggers and Dwarves

As the Halfling Turns

Meeting up for the night, Kel, Kane, and Rokor talked for a little while at the Book and Flask until it was time to turn in for the night. Kel made sure to clue the Elf in before sleeping.
When they woke up in the morning, the casters prepared their spells and meditated, then left to check out the Halfling’s key stall. They arrived early, and while waiting around, the Kobold busied himself buying breakfast for the group.
An hour or two later, after the keysmith came back to his stall, a group of four Dwarves showed up at the Halfling’s business, and began talking. Kane managed to get close enough to overhear, while the others stayed back and watched. Words were said, the key was given, and a payment received. When the Dwarves left, Kane and Rokor confronted the Halfling, who was glad that they had not caused trouble. Rokor also healed the man’s broken arm, giving cause for even more gratitude.

The session ended out with the cleric asking for support in his venture to open a world-wide bank, eventually able to access funds in one keep when deposited in another. Kane and Kel agreed to help, while Xu remained silent on the subject for the time. They left to head to the Temple of Shelyn, on a task which Rokor remained elusive to.

Rokor spent 12 copper pieces, and everyone gained 50 XP



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